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Compliance with AML rules
RosEvroBank keeps principles of information transparency and has designed relevant AML programms to prevent suspicious banking activity among its customers.

US Patriot Act Certification
For its correspondent accounts with US banks RosEvroBank has signed Appendix A to Subpart 1 of Part 103 of US Patriot Act related to certification regarding correspondent accounts for foreign banks.

Appendix A to Subpart 1 of Part 103 of US Patriot Act (pdf)

FATCA Information
RosEvroBank has been registered on website of the IRS and has been assigned the following GIIN: 2Z0F6Q.99999.SL.643

AML Questionnaire
The most recent version of completed AML Questionnaire of RosEvroBank is available on request.
Please contact Mr.Alexander Arkhipov at A.Arkhipov@Rosevrobank.ru

Statutory Documents
Charter (pdf)
General License for Banking Operations (pdf)
Certificate of registration with tax authorities (pdf)
Certificate of entering of record into Uniform state register of legal persons (pdf)